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About Us

The Gazelle belongs to the African Antelope family, mainly found in the Eastern African Savannah Grassland. They usually stay in herds and are active both during the day and night. Specifically the Impala, which is known for its leap, can jump, distances up to 9 mt. & 2.5 mt. high.

The Gazelle, which is also known for its Unity, Activeness & High leaps....our brand was established considering these characteristics as a medium of communication.

After thorough study & research in Paper specifically the Envelope market, the Gazelle brand was born marking a new platform of ‘Speechless Communication’ for the Egyptians. Our Brand Equity pillars are Consistency, Availability & Service, Honesty, Integrity & Fairness.

Gazelle branded envelope production started in the year 2001 with humble beginnings. However, with our firm belief in customer relations and our Brand Equity pillars, in a small period of time, Gazelle established itself as a market leader in Gummed, Peel & Seal and Inserting (Automailer) Envelopes and Pockets both Locally and in the Regional markets.

Obviously, when the question arises to maintain brand value, Gazelle Envelopes stands firmly in maintaining superior product supply over its Competitors. Since the beginning Gazelle has continuously reinvested in high-tech machines and services for Faster, Flexible & Fair delivery to maintain its position as a brand leader.

On Top of that, our highest priority is to convert paper in to world-class envelopes professionally. However, during this conversion process we also convert our customers into friends and partners who promote the Gazelle brand, with our Speechless Communication technique.